Dora Stratou Dance group.

A dance from the region of Kars in the eastern part of Pontos (near Georgia).

Kotsari means "ankle bone" in the Pontic dialect, refering to the lifting of the ankle in several steps. Unlike most Pontic dances, the Kotsari is in an even rhythm (2/4). It was originally danced in a closed circle, but today is usually danced in an open circle or, for performances, in a straight line and in place. The hold is hand-to-shoulder. Kotsari and Tik are two of the most popular dances and have both spread to non-Pontians in Eastern Macedonia; other Greeks don't copy the Pontian style perfectly and use non-Pontian music.

A video sample from "Dora Stratu" collection Athens - Greece (G.Amarantidis on Lyra)

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